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Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer introduction Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer is used for drying technology of high-viscosity products, pastes and filter cakes widely acclaimed by customers In a variety of industries all over world, if the wet cake is a paste or sludge, Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer is the most suited for drying application. The dryer is fitted with a mechanical agitator which helps to disperse the wet cake without any need for back mixing of the dry powder. this process provides a faster and more energy-efficient alternative to spray drying. With quite a few Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer installations in the world, Changsheng combines experience and cutting-edge technology into added-value solutions for our customers. Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer Application Organic compounds: atrazine (pesticides), cadmium laurate, benzoic acid, germicide, sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate, the organic pigments, and so on; Dye: santhraquinone, black iron oxide, indigo pigments, butyric acid, titanium hydroxide, zinc sulfide, various azo intermediate; Inorganic: borax, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulfate, ferric oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, all kinds of metallic hydroxide, all kinds of heavy metal salt, synthetic cryolite and so on; Food: soy protein, gelatinized starch, distillers' grains, triticin, wheat starch and so on. Work principle of Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer Fine pharmaceutical powders dryer characteristics 1.Drying gas enters into the bottom of machine and formed strong rotating air flow, it can wash material sticking on the inside wall, this can remove adhibited material and always keeps inside wall clean. 2.In high temperature area at the bottom of equipment, heat sensitive raw material do not need directly contact with heating surface, there is a special device which can solves heat sensitive material's carbonized and color change problems. 3.A segmenting ring and a rotational flow piece are equipped in the upper drying room in order to control granulated size and finished products moisture to satisfy required water containing rate and granulation. Company Profile Our Mission: Attentive·Concentration ·Professional Our Goal: What we are doing is exactly what you want! Our Team Concept :Our team corporation is the enterprise spirit anchor, unity and extend gold touch ! Customers in the world FAQ 1. Q:How can i get the after-service? A: We will send you the spare parts by free if the problems caused by us.If it is the men-made problems,we also send the spare parts,however it is charged. Any problem, you can call us directly. 2. Q:What's your warranty terms? A: We offer different warranty time for different products. Please contact with us for detailed warranty terms. 3. Q:How can i get to your factory? A:We can pick you up in the airport. Quality promise Wuxi Changsheng dryer factory promises strictly operate the ISO9001 quality system certification standards and pharmaceutical equipment GMP audit requirements,promise we provide new equipment. Advanced technology,good quality.Equipment operation safe reliable, affordable, easy to maintain. Equipment warranty period is one year,all the parts for the equipment choose well-known brand. During the warranty when equipment have problem in quality like equipment failure and damage,the company for free maintenance or replacement.Fine Powder Dryer website:http://www.csspraydryer.com/fine-powder-dryer/